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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 4, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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clown threats busted. police say little teens were behind a viral social media prank featuring clowns threatening vial enat school. we want akound countability. >> press conference interrupted. philadelphia police were showing off new environmentally friendly police cars when protesters arrived. getting out the vote. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton visits pennsylvania today. she wants people across the battleground state to register by next week's deadline. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema.
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let's start with meteorologist krystal klei with the nbc 10 first alert weather. we've seen in the traffic cameras the fog that people are dealing with this morning. >> we expected more fog this morning because we have that moisture hanging around, although we have started to fall under a bit more dry pattern which is why yesterday we were able to see sunshine in the afternoon. here's what we're looking at, areas of fog, hazel down to three-quarter mile visibility. this is an extremely dense fog, patchy fog. four-mile visibility in reading and five miles for blue bell, dropping into philadelphia. northeast philly looks fine. we have low-hanging clouds. some of our top of tower cameras are starting to see the gray out you see sometimes. four miles visibility in mt. holly and actually as we look through new jersey we see some areas where the fog is a little thicker. millville is at four mile as well as atlantic city outside. drive with caution out there. not as rough as yesterday. radar and satellite shows us we
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have showers trying to make their way through new jersey. right now, let's talk traffic with francesca ruscio. >> krystal, speaking of new jersey, we're looking at patchy fog in south jersey. we're watching route 42 at route 41. our camera around route 41. this deptford, new jersey, watching trifgic. travel speeds in the 50s. you'll be doing okay out there. overall, no reported problems at 42 over new jersey. we're still looking at two accidents this morning, lower merion, east lancaster avenue and argyle road. this came in early again. no reporter problems or delays. out by west pottsgrove, burke street and howard street. it's still in play because of the earlier reports. let's take a look at the schuylkill expressway, camera around belmont, eastbound traffic, so far we're doing okay. more cars are starting to pile on the roadways. we're approaching rush hour. when i come back we'll take a look at the vine street expressway as well as 95. are teenagers to blame?
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police bust online clown threats in two parts of our area. >> one of those arrested was a 14-year-old from gloucester county. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in washington township with more on that. pam? >> vai, authorities here in washington township are taking these threats very seriously. in fact, in the past few days, two teens have been arrested. a 13-year-old girl from bunker hill middle school in gloucester township was arrested for making threats against a specific student yesterday. her arrest comes after the weekend arrest of a 14-year-old washington township boy who also made threats posting pictures of clowns with weapons, warning kids that the clowns were coming and not to walk alone. some parents kept their kids home from school because of the posts. meanwhile in philly, a police investigation revealed a 13-year-old girl was behind similar threats to city schools. >> these two classmates decided to post this information on
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instagram, threatening a couple of our local schools. again, it's certainly something that's not a laughing matter but she also indicated she didn't have intent to harm anyone. when doing this, this was a prank only. >> prampg or not, tnk or not,ç consequences are pretty serious. when i see you again at 6:30, i'll tell you what nearby burlington township is doing in light of threats made against the district there. for now, reporting live, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. 5:34. at the jersey shore, police in atlantic county are investigating a shooting that happened in a home. skyforce 10 was over the scene in ventnor. police say at least one person was shot after :00 last night. there's no word on the severity of the victim's injuries. we spoke with a witness who heard the shooting just outside his house.
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>> what i heard was just a bunch of gunshots and then when i went outside, i just saw a bunch of sirens, it was kind of crazy. kind of worried me also. when i left my house, i saw people in bulletproof vests. which is a rarity in this area. >> there's also no word on motive at this time. now to decision 2016. hillary clinton will be in delaware county, talking to voters across pennsylvania about the importance of voter registration. >> nbc 10's monique braxton is live in haverford. >> secretary clinton's appearance here is timed to coincide with just one week left before the voter registration dead lane. her campaign is calling this a conversation with families. look at what we found overnight. this new quinnipiac poll has democrat clinton leading republican donald trump by four points. the score, 45-41. the poll's assistant director also says mrs. clinton is the leading contender among women. she isn't taking that for
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granted. just as she did back in 2008 when she ran against president obama, now president obama, in the democratic primary. clinton appeared in haverford with her daughter, chelsea. well, today chelsea will be with her as well along with actress elhbeth banks. clinton will talk about supporting children and families and creating an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. delaware county tells us voters have been switching parties since before the april primary. we're going to look at those numbers and tell you the significance, coming up in the next hour. live for now in haverford, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. also happening today in decision 2016, first lady michelle obama will hold a rally in charlotte to campaign for clinton. the first lady will lay out what's at stake in november and urge the people of north carolina to register to vote. 5:3. the philadelphia police department is going green. the department unveiled the
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city's first plug-in police cars and charging stations yesterday. the first of four ford fusion hybrids is ready to be put into service. the city says by january they will have 17 plug-in vehicles in use. we want accountability at this press conference. >> two protesters interrupted yesterday's announcement. these men demanded answers for last week's shooting death of an assault suspect in cobbs creek. the men wanted to know why more than 100 shots were fired by police to take down the suspect. mayor kenney calmly answered their questions before the men walked off. the'carriage lick church is offering to help men and women who may be struggling with trauma associated with abortion. the addition of project rachel was announced by archbishop charles chaput.
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one woman said faith helped her cope. >> without god, the church and rachel and vineyard, i truly believe my life would be full of debilitating anger and depression. >> the program will help people get professional counseling and access to support groups associated with the church. criticsç say a plan to financed new jersey's transportation transit fund could bankrupt that state. members of the better choices coalition will rally at the new jersey statehouse at noon. the fund would be paid for by a 23 cent gas hike in new jersey. the sales tax would go gown from 7% to 6.6% by 2018. this deal still needs to passes both houses of the legislature. that vote will happen tomorrow. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and as promised we're starting with that closer look at some of the rain we're seeing out there this morning. just starring to move into new jersey here. it's passing through south
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brunswick, currently moving into windsor here in the next 10, 15 minutes. it's pushing more west than southwest. some parts of the lower portion of new jersey may not see those showers, also will break apart a bit as they continue to track along. over this one cell that's dumping down heavier rain, most of it is light to moderate shower moving throughout this morning. it's not going to be terribly long lived either. otherwise our area in the clear. we still have clouds and patchy fog. we're not tracking rain elsewhere at least not at this point this morning. only isolated chances of showers as we continue along. here's your day for philadelphia. 61 degrees right now. the time is 5:39 this morning. we'll be in those upper 50s, low 60s through your morning hours. and then make it to about 67 degrees for your lunch time. i don't expect much more than that, peaking with a high of 69 degrees in the afternoon. light to maybe breezy winds. you see 10 miles per hour throughout the later part of
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your day. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy into your afternoon hours. the good mix of clouds, peaks of sunshine. 66 your temperature at your lunch hour. that will stay similar into the afternoon as well. upper 60s where we should cap and we should make it right to the lower 70sç in delaware by this afternoon. seeing a mix of clouds and sunshine as well. the current temperature in delaware is 56 degrees. let's talk hurricane matthew. here's the satellite look currently, tell a very powerful major category 4 hurricane that is just about to make landfall over haiti and continue to track north. we're very concerned with things like the rain, the winds and storm surge. here's a look at the rain potential. 15 to 25 inches of rain, up to 40 inches in south haiti. east cuba, up to you see a 12 inch range. could see isolated areas higher. eastern jamaica, 5 to 10 inches and the bahamas where we could see major storm surge, 8 to 12
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inches the possible rain amounts. that's the updated track which does take this closer to florida and up the eastern coast potentially even closer to us. that's all far out and there will still be adjustments in the forecast. it's something we'll continue to track. more coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you, krystal. 19 minutes before 6:00. time to get a check on your morning commute to work or school. >> including the vine street expressway. francesca ruscio has that. >> vai and tracy, we're watching more traffic on the vine street expressway. our cameras right around 8th street, westbound traffic. more cars approaching the heart of rush hour. so far, we're doing okay. no reported problems or delays. travel speeds in the 40s and 50s. we're in the green right now, headed towards center city. so far, so good on the vine. an accident in lower merion, argyle road and simpson road. no reported delays. it's still early for secondary roads. travel speeds, 495, we're doing okay right now. wood haven to the vine, it will take you 13 minutes. when i come back, we'll take a
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look at new jersey and how patchy fog is affecting your morning commute. backups and delay, sure. big wheels? take a look at this. >> lack at this [ bleep ]. on the expressway. i had to pull over to [ bleep ]. >> there's a lot of beeping in this video. a viewer showing a man in a big wheel pedaling down the roosevelt boulevard extension. also, elderly woman arrested. at 102 years old, this woman found herself in custody for the first time ever in her life. just ahead, hear why she welcomed the police to take her in. and now to the choices for this week's high school football game of the week. ridley at marple newtown, lenape at rancocas valley or cp south at neshaminy. call or text the number on your screen. you can also vote at or the nbc 10 app as well.
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take a look at this cell phone video. it will make you do a double take. you don't see this. >> no, you don't. that's the boulevard. it shows a teenager riding a boulevard down the middle of roosevelt boulevard. a driver pulled over near the fox street exit to take this cell phone video. it shows the rider with no helmet, no handle bars, tieing up sunday afternoon traffic.
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one driver told us since he posted the video it's been viral. >> i happen to maneuver my way around, getting up to the front of the traffic. i saw the guy on the trike. i'm like with the what the heck. >> i don't think he said what the heck. >> probably not. he says he didn't see officers on the boulevard when it happened. philadelphia police say they're looking into it.ç happening today, a public memorial service will be held for iconic golfer arnold palmer. thousands are expected to attend the service at a basilica in latrobe, pennsylvania. it's about 45 minutes east of pittsburgh. vince gill is scheduled to sing and jack nicklaus expected to speak. palmer died on september 25th at the age of 86 from heart complications. 5:46. there's a new campaign to save an iconic new york city deli from closing. after 79 years, the owner announced the restaurant will close on new year's eve, leaving
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60 workers out of a job. a former employee says he working to save the deli from closure by raising $5 million. carnegie deli sure xrifed several controversies, including a lawsuit from underpaid workers and illegal gas hookup. still, new yorkers came out to a rally to try to save the restaurant. >> probably one of the best delis in the world. look at all these people. everybody would be so disappointed. new york would be crushed. it's an institution, a landmark. >> the deli owner says she's closing the restaurant because she's tired of the daily grood of running the business and that she's ready to retire. 5:47. 61 degrees. this morning we're monitoring the latest conditions from hurricane matthew. the category 4 storm killed at least four people in haiti so far. take a look at matthew as it pounded the southwestern shores of the country. officials say as many as 40 inches of rain are possible in some areas. nbc 10 caught up with local travelers just returning from the caribbean.
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>> we're panicking a little bit, yes. we were a little bit also. we didn't think we were going to get out of there. nobody offered us another day. i figured, okay, it's time to go. >> the haitian government is urging residents to take cover but many are refusing to leave their homes. now your nbc 10ç first ale weather. >> we'll take a closer look at matthew coming up in just a minute. let's start with our conditions here at home. philadelphia, this is a live look outside. still dark. we have low-hanging clouds. there is patchy fog but it's not nearly as dense. the cloud cover not as low as what we saw yesterday. good news, drier air in place which means that the forecast doesn't call for quite as thick of cloud coverage or as dense of fog throughout your morning. 61 degrees in philadelphia, your winds are at 6 miles per hour. they'll pick up a tad into your afternoon. radar and satellite showing us
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we have spotty showers moving along. we just had a closer look at that. just right now tracking into mercer county here and then we do see that they're going to start to spottily move into parts of the suburbs, maybe isolated showers into philadelphia as well. it's not looking like a big soaker this morning. as this moves along through your morning hours, likely it will continue breaking apart. here's the look, hour by hour forecast shows us 6:30 in the morning, model has it breaking apart pretty much completely. spotty showers may continue along the shore through 1:30 in our afternoon hours. clouds still overhead. the clouds aren't going away today. you'll see a cloud/sun mix with sun across the region in and out throughout your afternoon and then a partly cloudy forecast into your evening as well. overnight and on into your wednesday. wednesday starts with some of those clouds still in place. a little thicker, farther along to the west. slowly warming temperatures is the next forecast to talk about, the next focus we should say as we move along. temperatures they'll bump up a
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bit. yesterday was pretty nice, 76 degrees. the average is 71. today slightly below it, tomorrow right at it and back to the mid-70s, thursday into friday. now let's take a look at the spaghetti plots, different computer models showing us where hurricane matthew may move next. through tomorrow, we see it moving into the bahamas. the newç projected tracks are consistently edging near florida. this is a big concern because then they continue along through saturday, very consistent here. right up against the eastern coast. that continues up now showing a closer line through our area. that's on sunday. now, some models are skewing farther off to the east. that's something we'll have a close eye and continuing to update you. for now, here's your 10 day on 10, the forecast will include some chances of rain here. your saturday into sunday as a result of matthew. it's something we may need to adjust. otherwise, 70s in the forecast, dropping to the 60s as that system passes.
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>> krystal, thanks. 10 before 6:00. getting you to work. checking the conditions along 295. >> we have francesca ruscio looking at 295 in south jersey. francesca, what are we seeing? >> krystal has been mentioning patchy fog. take a look at the streetlights. in is 295. cameras around route 130. low beams are a great idea traveling in and out of south jersey this morning as well as over in philadelphia. patchy fog this morning as well as yesterday. watching an accident in lansdale right now along west main street and north valley forge road. no reported problems or delays on the secondary roads. we've been seeing quite a number of accidents. here's one in lower merion, argyle and simpson. it's still in play in affecting that area. we'll be watching the area for quite some time. everything is in the green and everything seems to be running on time. within i come back, we'll take a look at 95 once again and how this patchy fog will continue to affect your morning commute. >> today the eagles are back on
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the practice field. one of their players is in trouble with the law. up next, hear why one of them was arrested and what that means ahead for their next game. elderly woman arrested. this suspect is 102 years old. up next, hear why police came looking for her as she was totally okay with them taking her away. i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain,
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good morning. francesca ruscio here. watching 295 in jersey. picking up on that patchy fog this morning. i would advise low beams. when i'm back in the 6:00 hour, we'll talk more on the marriages. police in miami arrested an eagles player over the weekend after they say they found a loaded gun in his backpack at an airport security checkpoint. officers took eagles linebacker nigel bradham was taken into custody. s facing a misdemeanor concealed weapons charge. he's free on $300,000 bond. the team said in a statement, they are aware of bradham's arrest. they have no comment. this was bradham's second arrest in less than three months. in july, miami beach police arrested bradham on suspicion of aggravated assault. the eagles are rested and getting ready for their trip to
5:56 am
detroit this weekend to play the lions. quarterback carson wentz will have one familiar target to throw to. tight end zach ertz has been cleared to play after missing the last two games with a rib injury. new details about a scandal involving the philadelphia parking authority. the state auditor general will investigate. the ppa's employment policies and procedures. this comes in the wake of a recent sexual harassment scandal involving the agency's executive director. vincent fennerty stepped down last week after two female co-workers accused him of sexual harassment. the ppa reportedly offered one of the women a settlement. id not often when you hear about someone who wants to be arrested. >> 102-year-old edy sims was asking for it. the elderly st. louis woman asked police to put her in handcuffs and give her a ride in a patrol car. being arrested was apparently on her bucket list. the police do a lot of work with
5:57 am
the senior center where edy lives. look at how happy she is. >> 102 years old, never been arrested, that's good. >> that's really good. a viewer tells us the postal service owed her a refund but never delivered that cash. >> coming up at 6:00, how the nbc 10 responds stepped in to solve a problem that went on for nearly three years. and the creepy clown craze leads to charges against local teen eighthers. we'll tell you about the online prank that had students on edge. you're watching "nbc 10 news today." three minutes before 6:00. 61 degrees outside. >> calm right now. we'll keep an eye on that. krystal klei is keeping an eye on the caribbean, hurricane matthew. make sure you have your nbc 10 app. it's your one-stop source for news and weather as well as
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battle for pennsylvania. today hillary clinton will make a swing through our area and will also bring star power with her. clown threats. teenagers are facing charges after police say they used social media toç stir up fake danger to students. and tracking matthew, the hurricane is pounding haiti and its path tonights to take shape for the next two days. nbc 10 news starts now. >> 6:00 a.m. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist krystal klei and the neighborhood forecast. you're keeping an eye on matthew, of course, a category 4 but also here with some fog. >> similar to what we had to talk about yesterday. the good news is, the fog is not as bad as it was yesterday


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